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Staging Your Home for Spring

This article was ghost written for a real estate agent. It appears in a local print magazine.

Staging Your Home for Spring

There’s just something about springtime. The leaves turning green, the flowers starting to bloom, the warming of the wind in your face. For many, the spring season brings renewal. It’s why home sales usually start to pick up in the spring. If you plan on selling, it’s a good idea to bring that spring feeling into your home. Home buying is not just about the number of bedrooms and baths – it’s about emotion. Here are some tips to give potential homebuyers that warm, spring feeling.

Open Spaces

The feeling of spring is rooted in wide, open spaces. A prospective buyer should feel that openness the moment they step into your home. You want them to walk unimpeded throughout every space. To achieve that, you will probably have to remove several pieces of furniture and thin out the closets. It’s a great time to do that spring cleaning you’ve been talking about for years. We can guarantee you that buyers will open up doors, cabinets, and yes, even your refrigerator.


Your home needs to be clean – and smell clean. You cannot cover up the odors from pets or smokers. It actually makes it smell worse. If you have pets, consider having them stay with friends or family while the home is on the market. Absolutely, positively, do not smoke inside your home. Non-smokers can smell nicotine residue a mile away. If you need help, you can find cleaning professionals through online companies such as and


How your home smells matters. The scent of your home can evoke good memories – or bad memories. You can use plug-in air fresheners, candles, or essential oil diffusers, but keep the scents you use light. Choose scents with names like “fresh linen.” Lemon, rosemary, and lavender are also nice.

For most people, the scent of baked goods is heavenly. If you have a bread maker, you can set it up on a timer so the baking cycle begins before an open house. Or bake some cookies. (You can buy ready-to-bake cookie dough that you just place on a cookie sheet.)


Keep the shades open and let the sunlight shine through. Light-colored, sheer curtains are best. You can usually find inexpensive ones at discount stores or online. Remember to clean the windows inside and out. You can hire a window cleaning company to do this for you.


You want to keep the colors of your home light and neutral. If you’ve used some bold colors on the walls and don’t have the budget to repaint, there are a few things you can do. White curtains, light-colored furniture, and white accents (like vases, towels, and shower curtains) can help tone things down. If your home has a neutral palette, put a splash or two of color in each room. A vibrant piece of art, a fresh green plant, or a colorful vase. Just don’t overdo it.


Your landscaping can be simple, but it must look well-kept. Pull out the weeds and any dead plants. Trim the hedges, trees, and bushes. Put in fresh mulch. Even just planting a few bright flowers can give your home that fresh, springtime vibe. A landscaper can help you get your yard in order.


Even prospective buyers who don’t entertain in real life, like to envision themselves entertaining. In springtime, staging the backyard is particularly important. Patios and decks should be clean and decluttered. If possible, have at least two chairs to sit on. For a small space, you can buy an inexpensive patio set that includes a small table and two chairs.

Spring Staging Tips

When staging for spring keep your home:

  • Light and bright: Use light colored items like white curtains and towels.
  • Clean and decluttered inside and out. Start packing up now.
  • Smelling fresh. Use air fresheners with light scents like lemon and lavender.
  • Tastefully decorated in neutral tones. Less is best.
  • Open and inviting. Furnish sparingly and clear a path to every window.
  • Looking like springtime. Outdoor spaces should be clean and neat.

You’ve selected a great time of year to sell your home. A well-staged home typically sells faster and for a higher price. Now that will put a spring in your step.


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