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Allison Gaynor wrote her first song at age seven. By age eleven, she was writing poetry. She wrote and performed plays for her sixth-grade class. Her report card in junior high and high school was a sea of red. Except English — where her grades were in the 90s. (She was a bad, bad girl.)

Allison’s writing experience is deep and wide. Poetry, newsletters, tutorials, project proposals, marketing and copywriting for real estate and publishing, articles on topics from family to Facebook. Back in the day, to improve her word processing skills, she created a vegetarian cookbook. She even developed an adult education workshop for WordPerfect for DOS. (Does anyone remember DOS?) But, Allison is most proud of the 20 children’s picture books she’s published since 2013.

A former IT project lead for an energy company, Allison decided that if she could manage software and hardware projects with budgets up to $1M, she could manage a team of talent to publish her own children’s stories. Turns out it’s a blast to work with people all over the world.

In 2018, Allison decided to join the freelancer side of Upwork. To date, she has created content for many industries, including real estate, construction, energy, legal, technology, and insurance. She has edited articles on everything from VPN to collagen peptides. Her specialty is rewriting existing content to give it a new SEO life on the Google machine. 😀 Check out Allison’s Upwork profile and read reviews from happy clients:

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